Log cabin lanternsLee completed the lovely quilting on the lantern quilt in recorded time – it looks fabulous!

Another fun way to make something beautiful from strippy scraps!

She also got our stack of finished quilts delivered to the new charity we are supporting.  It is also a domestic violence shelter.

We’re moving onto the petals for the flower quilt (directions found here  4 patch flower).

We’ll need a total of 80 petals and 16 white squares to complete this quilt.

Colors in the warm family with fabrics that read generally as solids.   For more inspiration and images see this earlier post

Bring all your petals to the next meeting (4/23) and we’ll have fun creating the layout and stitching the top together!

We’ll be feeling festive at our December meeting and making burrito pillowcases for a change of pace.

Check out the links below to get an idea of what we’ll be making!

Most directions suggest the following supplies per pillowcase…

3/4 or 1 yd of main fabric

1/4 – 1/3 yd of cuff fabric

1/8 yard for the trim fabric

The fun fabric combinations are limitless!