We’ll be feeling festive at our December meeting and making burrito pillowcases for a change of pace.

Check out the links below to get an idea of what we’ll be making!

Most directions suggest the following supplies per pillowcase…

3/4 or 1 yd of main fabric

1/4 – 1/3 yd of cuff fabric

1/8 yard for the trim fabric

The fun fabric combinations are limitless!




Finishing lantern blocks and looking toward the next quilt

Last month there was lots of laughing, cutting and sewing – a our favorite kind of meeting!

It was fun to see the lantern style courthouse steps blocks coming together as everyone worked away.  Bring your blocks to our next meeting and we’ll get them laid out.

There are a couple of our finished quilts being displayed in the meeting room at the SW Library for their annual Art Show.  The Fun Fish quilt is up and the Strippy ZigZags.

Onto the plans for our next quilt!

There was some enthusiasm for doing a wonky flower petal quilt, an idea that we have been kicking around for a long time.

There are a few inspirations for this next quilt.

The Begonia block from this book was our 1st inspiration

Then we found this wonderful strip pieced variation from Cindy Carter – the link will take you right to her pages which have many wonderful patterns

And finally, we really enjoyed this variation which included a secondary wonky star pattern.

It is designed by Angela Nash of MyThreeSonsQuilt

book quilt

It can be found in the book “Modern Quilts from the Blogging Universe”

Our next charity quilt will be based on this version.

Here are the notes on changes in measurements of the petal blocks for our version of the flower quilt – 4 patch flower

Added note:

Just discovered this fun variation by Elizabeth Hartman of Oh! Fransson

She calls it Sparkle Punch   

Her quilt highlights the starts instead of the flowers – fun to see the different looks possible!

New block for next Dawn’s House quilt


Here is how far we got at the meeting tonight.
Just 2 blocks more to finish and it will be ready for putting together!

At the last meeting we chose a new block for our next quilt.

After looking through a few magazines and books, we settled on The Merry-Go-Round quilt from the book Cozy Modern Quilts

The block size needed a little modifying for our purposes.
Click the link below for the cutting and piecing directions.